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The following composers already publish their work with copy-us:


Rodolfo Cogliatti

Born 1976. He works as composer, music teacher and piano concertist in Brazil.

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Andreas Daams

Born 1971, Abitur 1990, study of composition in Duesseldorf and Munich, winner of several composition awards, ...

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Tatyana Divina

Tatyana Divina is the author of more than 45 character pieces for piano and accordion.

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Leonard Dumitriu

Conductor at the Romanian Opera House of Iasi. Conductor in demand in Europe and USA. Composer.

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Manuel Ebert

Born in 1986 in Bielefeld, where he received his abitur 18 years later. One year later he did alternative service for a year in South Africa.

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Robert Ficklscherer

Born 1959. He studied both composition and conducting. He lives in Germany.

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Composers who want to be published by copy-us please send an e-mail to info@copy-us.com.