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The following composers already publish their work with copy-us:


Rüdiger Blömer

Born 1960. Living as composer and music theory teacher in Aachen (Germany).

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Helge Bol

Born 1962. He studied political science and philosophy. Publishes essays and compositions.

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Alexander Borodin

important Russian composer and scientist(1833-1887)

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Hans-Jürgen von Bose

Born 1953. He's one of the leading figures of the rising middle-generation of German composers.

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Johannes Brahms

1833 (Hamburg) - 1897 (Wien). One of the most famous and successful composers of the 19th century.

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Alois Bröder

Born 1961. Several international composition prizes and awards. He lives in Darmstadt (Germany).

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Composers who want to be published by copy-us please send an e-mail to info@copy-us.com.