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Newsletter November 2002


Dear Friends of copy-us!

Since the last newsletter we've taken almost 30 new works into our program. Most of them are chamber music. By now we have over 140 compositions and we still stick to our main idea:
Don't pay - just play!


New composers:

  • Hans-Jürgen von Bose, wellknown composer and professor in Munic
    The piece "Musik für K." was Set Piece at the International Music Competition of the ARD in 2002!

  • Gerhard Stäbler, wellknown activist of the international contemporary music scene.
    Have a look at graphic notation. Blinkers not needed.

  • We also have music by Grieg,Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Brahms.


    The Kafka project

    [The copy-us KAFKA-project]

    From now on copy-us is looking for any compositions the deal with Franz Kafka and his works. Let us know whether you know any composers who deal with Kafka. Or you might know compositions - if that is the case please let us know.


    Viel-Harmonie-Orchester by arnoz

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