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Newsletter December 2004

Dear friends of copy-us!

Birthdaytime for our copy-us music publishing! Five years ago we came up with the idea of publishing contemporary music on the internet free of any charges. "Don't pay, just play". We won the 1st StartART prize of the Nordrhein Westfalen government. That gave us the possibility to have a special copy-us database programmed which by now contains more than 300 works by composers all over the world. Works that can be downloaded free of any charges.

Works of copy-us-composers have been chosen for the ARD Music Competition and day by day the number of visitors to the copy-us-sites is increasing.

People ask questions, praise or criticize our work, composers found their fans and pieces found listeners. Copy-us seems to be doing the right thing.

We'd therefore like to thank everybody who has been interested in our work.

New composers at copy-us:

Alexander Strauch
composer from Munich (Germany)

Guilherme Schroeter
composer from Brazil

Ian Mikirtoumov
Russian composer who lives in Portugal

Ramiz Tahiri
composer from the Kosovo who lives in Berlin (Germany)

Manuel Ebert
composer from Bielefeld (Germany)

Alois Bröder
composer from Darmstadt (Germany)

Falk Hübner
composer from Bochum (Germany)

Maybe you'd like to visit the site of one of our partners Musikbibliothek.de where you can find more than 4.000 works of various composers epochs.

Musically yours
The team of copy-us


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