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Robert Ficklscherer

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Robert Ficklscherer was born 1959. At the age of 14 he began to play guitar. A friend had suggested hom to do so. Being autodidact in the first place he later became the student of a music teacher who and became a guitar viruoso. At the age of 16 he gave his first concert and had success as a composer. At the age of 17 he played in a rock band. Having written lots of songs he was encouraged to study composition. At the age of 27 he started to study with A.P.Waldemar. He studied both composition and conducting. 1985 he built a synthesizer and a drum computer and started producing computer music. While studying he arranged numerous songs, choirworks und orchestral works. In 1990 his 'Simple Mass' was premiered. Some of his works have had international success.

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