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Andrew Ladd

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Andrew Ladd was born in Canterbury, Kent, UK, on 4th April 1960, son of a Policeman. His family moved around Kent frequently during his youth, and his favourite past-time at this age was cricket, although he had a vested interest in music, mainly that of modern classical music. He had little interest in pop music.

For over twenty years he worked as a Chef. He started his "cheffing" life as an apprentice Chef at Buckingham Palace, London, in 1977, where he had some vety exiting times. He stayed in catering for about 20 years (with intermittent jobs in other industries). During this time he composed much music, mostly in a very avante-garde style, based on some basic serial techniques. Ladd started to learn the piano at 11, but didn't start composing until he was 14.

By the time he was 32 he had written 6 Symphonies, 6 String Quartets, 6 Piano Sonatas and many more works. However, he did not believe he had yet achieved maturity as a Composer, so he destroyed all of them in 1992. After which he studied Doncaster College, under the careful supervision of Andrew Clark. However, most of his compositional training is self taught and the style is more tonal, concentrating on melody. He believes that the audience should always be considered. He composes using old forms in a modern style. Not to be confused with Neo-classicism.

In November 2000, a concert was given in York to introduce some of his chamber music to the public. Arranged by the Flautist Richard Ingamells. He also gave the second Performance of his 1st Flute Sonata (with guitar) in Doncaster the following year.

In 1983 Ladd married, and has two children and one grandson.

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