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Roland Ploeger

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Roland Ploeger was born 1928 in Oerlinghausen. He studied composition, theory, and church music at the Detmold Music Conservatory with professors Johannes Drießler, Wilhelm Maler and Michael Schneider. He also studied philosophy with Theodor W. Adorno at the Frankfurt University.

He was participant of the "Darmstädter Ferienkurse" for contemporary music. From 1959 to 1963 he made his living as a freelance composer, writer and critic in Hamburg.

1963 he started teaching composition and music theory at the "Norddeutschte Orgelschule". 1974 he was elected leader of the institute for "Musikerziehung" at the Lübeck Music Conservatory. 1980 he was nominated professor, from 1981 until 1987 he was vice president. He published numerous articles and books music theory and acoustics.

Prof. Roland Ploeger died in 2004.


[Roland Ploeger, Johann Nicolaus Hanff: Überschneidungen]

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