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Josef Gabriel von Rheinberger

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© Photograph taken in 1869 (Josef Rheinberger Archive, Vaduz / Wikipedia)

Josef Gabriel von Rheinberger (March 17, 1839, in Vaduz - November 25, 1901, in Munich) was a German/Liechtensteinian composer.

When only 7 years old Rheinberger was organist at Vaduz. His first composition was performed in 1847. In 1851 (when he was 12 years old!) he entered the Munich Conservatorium, eventually becoming professor of pianoforte playing, and later, professor of composition at the institution. When the Munich Conservatorium dissolved he was appointed répétiteur at the Court Theatre, from which he resigned in 1867.

Rheinberger married his former pupil Franziska von Hoffnaass in 1867.

In 1877 he was promoted to the rank of royal court conductor, this position giving him direction of the music in the royal chapel. He was later accorded an honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He occupied several important positions in the musical world, and became famous as a teacher of composition and organ. He numbered a great many Americans among his pupils, many of whom, such as Horatio Parker, Professor George Chadwick, and Henry Holden Huss, achieved a foremost place in the musical world of the United States.

As a composer Rheinberger wrote more than 197 works.

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