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Robin Rudolph

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Born in Heidelberg in 1966.

Instead of getting a race-track his parents present him with a guitar for his tenth birthday. Starts learning classical guitar. In 1980 he starts studying E-guitar by playing Steve Howe (YES) guitar solos.

First compositions (mainly in a minor and G major) in 1982. Moves to Cologne in 1986. Studying piano with Jörg Sander. First serious studies of composition.

1990, meanwhile living in Berlin, foundation of the legendary Heavy-Metal-Band "Weltpinguintag". Publishes two CDs "Weltpinguintag", "Pinguine in der Bronx".

Numerous appearances, e.g. with the "Franck band" at radio culture.

1991: He practices guitar correctly once again and applies to the "Hochschule der Künste" and the "Hans Eisler Hochschule" -- too late ...

Lives as a freelance artist, sound technician, musician, writer and writer-director in Berlin.

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