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Alessandro Simonetto is a pianist and sound engineer. He graduated in Pianoforte at the Steffani Conservatory of Music in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso, N.E. Italy) under Maestro Gabriele di Toma in only three years. At the same time he completed courses with important pianists including Aquiles delle Vigne, Andrās Schiff (for classical music); Marco Fumo (ragtime music); Garry Dial, Cecil McBee and John Riley (jazz harmony and improvisation); Eric James (silent-film music).

Alessandro Simonetto is the main owner of Kunst der Fuge, now the main resource of classical music in MIDI support on the web for its vastity, quality and gratuity. As a sound engineer and internet lover Alessandro also founded OnClassical, the first Italian label that publish on the internet its own productions covering them with Creative Commons licenses. OnClassical recordings are made with particular care, using only natural sounds which are not successively manipulated. At OnClassical all profits are shared 50/50 with the artists!

In 2004 Mr. Simonetto graduated in Electronic Music (modern composition) at the Pollini Conservatory of Padua under the guide of Paolo Zavagna and Nicola Bernardini obtaining full marks in composition with the piece "Neuga" for 4-channel audio and prepared piano. As a composer he wrote music particularly for board (piano, organ, disklavier) and choir.

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