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Ramiz Tahiri

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Ramiz Tahiri was born 1950 in the Kosovo. 1975 he graduated from music academy Sarajevo with the subjets theory, composition and contucting. From 1975 he taught theory, conducting and piano in Zenica (Bosnia-Herzegowina). In addition he was artistic director of the Zenica symphnony orchestra.

Tahiri composed various scores for theatre pieces. As a composer he concentrated on works for orchestra and choir.

Some of the works:

  • "Memories" for full orchestra
  • "Obsession" for soprano and orchestra
  • "Kameni spavac" (The stone sleeper, based on the poems by Mak Dizdar) for choir, string orchestra and piano
  • "Scherzo L" for solo-soprano and choir
  • "Bosnian watercolour" for violin, cello and piano
  • Since 1995 Tahiri is working for the Berlin "Grips-Theater". 2004 his "Two Impressions" for string orchestra were awarded the composition prize of the "Stringtime Niederrhein".

    Zwei Impressionen

    Level of difficulty: mediumLevel of difficulty: mediumLevel of difficulty: medium

    for String Orchestra
    by Ramiz Tahiri

    dance-like and lively work with East European flair  (10 min)