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information to symbols

Information to the printing formats

appearance and navigation


Assistance text - this page

your opinion about the piece

Comment page - here you can find comments, reviews, press articles, announcements, dates, messages etc. to the respective piece

tone example

Tone example - if available, you can recall tone examples. Tone examples are available mostly in the mp3-Format. For playing you need e.g. the Windows Media Player (www.microsoft.de).


Price- e.g. to the price inquiry for a printed copy.

Degree of difficulty - the more balls, the more difficult will be the piece.

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Information to the printing formats

1. pdf

The constantly used format is pdf, which Adobe® has developed for the spreading of electronic documents. If it is not pssible for you to read the pdf-format, you possibly won't have the current AcrobatReader. This is available under www.adobe.com free of charge. With the AcrobatReader you can see the scores and you can make peferct printouts. For problems with the AcrobatReader please contact Adobe (www.adobe.de).

2. DIN A4, Letter, Legal...

If you should download your documents in letter or legal size (e.g. used in the USA), please note that you accordingly adapt your printer configuration for printouts.

3. Finale and Sibelius

Copy-us also uses additional - if possible - other formats. These can be: Finale (www.codamusic.com) or Sibelius (www.sibelius.com). For reading, printouts and (if necessary) transpose or listen to the pieces you'll need their appropriate (free) Plug ins. You can load them into your browser.

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Appearence and navigation

The beams in the AcrobatReader do not look tidy!

That's correct. However the scores and parts are optimized for the printout (600dpi or more). With printouts there will be used Postscript, so that the printout will be great. And probably you do'nt want to play directly from the monitor...

I don't see any pictures!

Then you'll have deactivated the pictures in your Browser! That's not too bad - the scores can be loaded nevertheless!

I want to load a score and have a look to other sites at the same time!

No problem: Instead of pressing the left mouse button you have to press the right mouse button on the appropriate Hyperlink (e.g. "score" or "parts"). Then you have to select "target destage under..." - this target (directory, in which you want to store the score) you have to select now. Then press the "OK" button. Now you can look for other sites in the internet, while in the background the score file is stored.

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