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Music pieces that deal with Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka (1883-1924, Prague) is one of the most important authors. There are many works about him and his novels, letters and diaries, so we know him very good today.

[Franz Kafka] [Franz Kafka and his sister Ottla] [Franz Kafka and his uncle Alfred]

During the last century and even today there are composers who deal with Kafka or his works. Some of these compositions are available at copy-us. Other compositions we can refer to. Let us know whether you know any composers who deal with Kafka.

[free sheet music: Musik für K. by Hans-Jürgen von Bose]

Hans-Jürgen von Bose (born 1953)
Musik für K.
for violin, cello and piano

Andreas Pieper (born 1958)
Zerstreutes Hinausgehn
for transverse flute, violin, mezzo soprano and voice

[free sheet music: Zerstreutes Hinausgehn by Andreas Pieper]

mail for  info

Juan Maria Solare (born 1966)
Nachts - lyrical monodrama for baritone, clarinet, trumpet and guitar

Hermann Große-Schware (born 1931)
Kafka- Momente
for voice and viola

[free sheet music: Kafka-Momente für Trompete und Klavier]
[Boris Blacher: Epitaph zum Gedächtnis an Franz Kafka]

Boris Blacher (1903-1975)
String Quartets 1-5
(Nr. 3: Epitaph zum Gedächtnis an F. Kafka)
available in US, CA, DE, FR

Vladimir Sommer (1921-1997)
Vocal Symphony
(1st movement: "At Night" based on Kafka)
available in CA, DE, UK

[Vladimir Sommer: Vocal Symphony]
[Hans Werner Henze: Der Landarzt (based on Kafka). Radio Opera.]

Hans Werner Henze (born 1926)
Ein Landarzt. (from the radio opera)
available in DE

György Kurtág (geb. 1926)
Kafka Fragmente
for soprano and violin
available in US, CA, DE, UK, FR

[Györgi Kurtág: Kafka Fragmente]

[Noten kostenlos: "Der Ausflug ins Gebirge" von Hans-Jürgen von Bose]

Hans-Jürgen von Bose (born. 1953)
Der Ausflug ins Gebirge
for Countertenor and Piano

Wolfgang Delnui (born 1977)
Ausflug ins Gebirge
for Soprano and Soundtrack



Further links to Franz Kafka and his works:

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Texts by Kafka

Information about Franz Kafka and the wifes he loved (in German)


The books of Franz Kafka:

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