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Boadicea - Queen of the Iceni

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for orchestra and women choir
by Andrew Ladd

  • Composed: 2007
  • one movement
  • Tonality: tonal
  • Level of difficulty: difficult
  • Duration: about 15 minutes

powerful piece in best English tradition

The work depicts the courage and adversity of Boadiceas army during the onslaught of Emperor Claudius’ Army. The Iceni (eye-seen-eye) was the name given to the Ancient Britons of the time, who lived in the area we now call Norfolk. However, I do not intend it to be an historical piece, it is more directed towards the problems many people have in relationships, financial difficulties, freedom etc, the courage and adversity of everyday life. Boadicea was chosen as an example of this. The work is not programmatic, but it has a military leaning, Marches, Fanfares, which represents organization, and at the entry of the choir, the most important, hope and optimism.

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DIN A3: score [pdf file, 2.7 MB]

  Score excerpt

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